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Baby's gender planning!
Plan and find out baby gender with most popular methods. Freiman-Dobrotin's method and Blood renewal method.
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Baby's gender planning
Use different methods to find out baby's gender and baby's gender planning
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How does the app work
This method was developed by Michael Freiman according to statistics of Svyatoslav Dobrotin, professor of the medical department of the Nizhegorodsky Medical State University. This statistics was drafted and checked during the Svyatoslav Dobrotin work in the I Maternity Home as chief medical officer in the Gorky city.

Freiman-Dobrotin's method
Blood renewal method
The blood renews each 3 years for women and 4 yeards for men. If woman's cycle was earlier the baby's gender will be female, If man's cycle was earlier the baby's gender will be male. In this case the Rhesus factor is very important. If mother has a negative Rhesus factor, the baby's gender will depends on the fact who has the stagnater blood.
Fertility calendar
Fertility calendar
Fertility calendar